Unfinished Hardwood Floor Installation

Professional Unfinished Hardwood Flooring Installer & Installations
Unfinished Hardwood Floor Installation

Unfinished Hardwood Floor Installation by the Flooring Company Wood Flooring NYC. Unfinished are all floors that requires to be sanded and finished after its installation process. We offer unfinished floors like engineered that can glued on many types of sub floors including cement slab. Solid unfinished that can be installed on wood subfloor including over old hardwood flooring.

Wood Flooring NYC has experience installing all unfinished floors and also provides all types of sanding, staining, finishing floor work. unfinished flooring is a grate option because you can choose the color you want you floors to be.

We carry a wide range of stain colors from Minwax, DurasealSherwin-Williams. We are specialized in white and black satin colors. Wood Flooring NYC can guarantee the highest quality unfinished wood flooring installation and its sanding, staining and refinishing work.

Many people decides to have unfinished floors installed and have it stained to match furniture or cabinetry colors. Our team is ready to show you all the options that a unfinished flooring can offer.

Also you can have the floors installed and just sanded and finished using clear polyurethane. We offer water based polyurethane and oil based polyurethane. It’s new to the flooring industry a product called monocoat oil finishing and it comes also in several colors. its a product that has no VOC and has many advantages. go to our refinishing section on WoodFlooringNYC.com and see yourself all our refinishing products that you will need after you have your unfinished hardwood floor installed.

Wood Flooring NYC offers a wide range of wood flooring products like Unfinished Floors, Prefinished Floors, Mouldings, Underlayments, Adhesive and all about refinishing and staining products like Polyurethane, Stains, Sanding papers and definetely all labor hand you will need for the best price guaranteed !

If you need professional assistance we offer a team of licensed & insured floor professionals online ! Just give us a call. send us an email or use our online chat support.

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