You Can Achieve Any Design With Wood Flooring

You Can Achieve Any Design With Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has been in existence since man started building homes. Nature has provided ample supply of the material. Its innate beauty can adapt to whatever environment it is used for. Any kind of lumber can be used for floors. Bamboo, which in reality is a type of grass, is also a popular choice for wooden floor.

A tree has many qualities that are ideal for building houses. With the advancements in technology, lumber companies have researched ways to improve the material. They have devised processing means that improved the quality and multiplied the uses for the material. Nowadays, there are countless ways to use it and certainly more varieties to choose from. They have it in more colors and shapes than before.

There are two categories for wood. The first type is solid wood. As its name implies, it is made of one hard chunk of wood. This is very durable and can last several decades if taken cared of properly. The lumber can be sanded numerous times because of its depth. With that attribute, you can smooth it out as many times as you like until you achieve the glossy shine you like.

Engineered wood is the other type. The common plywood that many recognize, normally composed of three to nine layers, is under this category. Each surface is prearranged to the opposing direction of the previous layer to make it more stable. Typically, the thicker it is, the more expensive it gets. This can also be buffed but not in as many times as you can compare to solid timber.

Its popularity is brought about by several explanations. One is its durability. It is cost effective because it will last for decades to come. Heritage houses pre dating the 1900s were built using hard woods and until now, they are still in good condition. Real estate marketing in fact appraises higher values for houses with hardwood floors. This certainly is a material you would like to invest in.

Versatility-wise, you cannot go wrong either. With the plentiful tree varieties available, there will certainly be that perfect shade you are looking for. Dimension should be the least of your concern as it can be sawed and polished to fit any place you need it installed. Any design you have in mind can be achieved.

Best of all, it complies with the governments’ eco-friendly requirements. All sources are guaranteed renewable and lawful. For sure, this is a sustainable supply for materials as trees take at least forty years to mature. This, however, is guaranteed to last more than that. If you feel it is time to change, plenty of new lumbers are already available. Do not forget you can also recycle it by making new furniture or even firewood.

Based on research, homes with wooden floor have enhanced air quality. With all those ideas, you can see why wood flooring is the better alternative. There are still more advantages to discuss. All features are to your advantage and your grandchildren’s children will live to appreciate it.

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