Advantages Of Using Wood Flooring

Advantages Of Using Wood Flooring

By definition, wood flooring can be described as a product made from timber specifically designed to be used as a flooring material. It has been widely used all over the world since the beginning of time because of its natural abundance and versatile aesthetic quality. Bamboo, which is a variety of the grass family, is still considered a wooden floor.

Wood has a lot of characteristics ideal for floor construction. Over the years, manufacturers have developed and improved the material through processing techniques which resulted in better quality and wider range of use. That is the reason why you have so many types to choose from in today’s market. Whatever shades and shapes you need to match your interior design, they have it.

It is actually categorized in two basic types. First is solid timber, as its name suggest, it is made of solid pieces of timber. Depending on your preference, it can be sanded and finished until you reach your desired thickness. It can actually last over a century depending on the quality and if well maintained.

The second type is known as engineered timber. The plywood that most people are familiar with belongs in this category. It is usually made up of three to nine layers of veneer. Each level is arranged going in the opposite direction making it very stable. The thicker it becomes, the more expensive it will be. Unlike solid wood, you can only sand the material to a certain extent.

There are many reasons for the success of engineered wooden materials. They are built to last, making them cost effective. Perfect examples are ancestral homes which were built several decades ago or maybe even centuries ago. It is safe to say they have outlived their builders and that is what you want in an investment. In real estate, houses with solid wood floors are actually appraised higher.

When it comes to versatility, this is exactly what you need. You can achieve whatever look you want. With so many wood species available, you can guarantee that there is a perfect shade that will suit your design. If shape is what you are worrying about, you can always cut or sand it down to size. It is guaranteed to fit any place you want it to be installed.

It is all natural and definitely eco-friendly. It is also very easy to clean making it perfect for people with asthma or allergy. The material is completely renewable as it comes from sustainable and legal sources. A tree usually matures between forty to sixty years but the material is guaranteed to last longer. By the time you need to change, there are already new sources that can be used.

Wood flooring has so much more advantages to offer you. According to studies, it actually creates better air quality inside the house or building. If its long-term investment that you are after, no doubt this is the alternative for you as it will last for generations to come. Inquire now to see what type of floor material can beautify your home.

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