Advantages Of Using Wood Flooring Over Other Materials

Advantages Of Using Wood Flooring Over Other Materials

Tree, as a construction material, is abundantly available. It has been used as wood flooring and more so in early history. Its inherent beauty made home interiors look a lot more attractive. Normally, almost any type of timber can be employed in this craft but surprisingly a member of the grass family, bamboo, is also considered a well-liked resource especially in tropical areas.

There are so many traits a tree has that are idyllic for house construction. As machinery and knowledge progressed, men have invented different ways on how to improve the basic material. Now it can be used in more ways than one and the quality has greatly improved as well. Its use can only be limited by your imagination and the same with its appearance.

Wood has only two basic categories. One is called solid wood. Basically, it is just a piece of hardwood. No doubt this material is strong as it has been proven to last for several decades with proper care. How thick you need it is up to you, you can polish it repeatedly until you reach the exact thickness and glossiness you like.

The other category is called engineered wood. This type has undergone processing. It is commonly known as plywood and is made up of multiple layers. Each veneer is assembled in such a way that is going the opposite direction of the preceding level. This design allows it to be stable. The more layers there are, the higher its price is. This can also be sanded but not in the same way as solid wood.

The esteemed reputation of lumber is a result of the many advantages it provides. Its sturdiness makes it cost efficient simply because it will last for so many years. Early houses constructed pre World War or even late 1800s, now turned museums, still has those wooden floors in excellent condition. Land property developers actually put more value in houses with hardwood floors.

If you have versatility in mind then this is the right thing for you. Because of so many types of trees available, you can find the specific color and shade you are looking for. Measurement is not a problem as any electric or manual saw can get it to your desired shape. Installation can be done with a nail, screw or glue.

For environmentalists, this is an excellent material as it is eco-friendly. Sustainable supply is guaranteed as trees need only a little over twenty to forty years to mature. By the time you would think of renovating, there will be ample new supplies as the ones you have now will last longer than that. In addition, manufacturers comply with strict government environmental codes.

Research and studies have shown that houses with wood flooring have better indoor atmosphere quality. Those are just a few benefits you have with lumbers. With those new ideas in mind, you should consider utilizing these rich natural resources. It will without doubt serve you in so many ways and will last for decades.

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