Floating Wood Floor Installation

Wide Variety of Floating Wood Flooring Products e Services From Wood Flooring NYC
Floating Wood Floaring nstallation

Floating Wood Floor Installation work provided by the flooring company Wood Flooring NYC. Services provided by trained and experienced floating flooring installers using professional tools.

Floating Wood Flooring is a type of flooring similar to laminate flooring. It does not require glue, nails or staples to be installed. Some types of floating floor require glue to be applied in between every tong and groove of each floating plank before put together.

Wood Flooring NYC has a large experience installing all kinds of floating flooring and all our service installation is guaranteed by a period of 5 years. We follow all the guidelines to have this type of floor system installed.

Most of this type of flooring comes already finished which does not require any work to be done after its installation. in other hand it requires more expertise from the installer as the floating plank can be scratched or damaged during its installation work. Its extremely difficult to provide a repair work on a flooring like this one. so make sure that you have a clean job site free of dirty and any debris.

Floating floors comes in wide variety of designs, colors and it vary from 5mm to 12mm in its thickness. Also pay attention that a 1/2 half of an inch expansion gap is required all around walls and door jams. ” if this space is not left, your flooring will start to expand, contract and without the expansion gap the flooring will start to buckle up.

Floating flooring can be installed on all types of sub flooring which makes this very used and popular. Also it very resistant against moisture and humidity. Floating floor can be installed on basement, main level and above level.

Wood Flooring NYC can have any type of flooring installed for the lowest rates guarantee. We also offer a wide variety of floating flooring products like special glue, underlayments, mouldings, moisture retarder and foam underlayments.

If you need help deciding what type of flooring is the right one for you, fell free to call our customer service right now !

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Outstanding installation work.

Nov 09, 2012 by Bob

Really fast and Precise work. 1000 SQF Installed in a single day.
Thanks guys

Wood Flooring NYC New York , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 Really fast and Precise work. 1000 SQF Installed in a single day.Thanks guys