Monthly Archives: July 2012

Wooden Flooring in conjunction with Under Floor Heating

Conditions and procedures to be followed when installing an Engineered Wooden Floor with underfloor heating  The following procedures must be used when installing and using engineered wooden flooring products in combination with an Under Floor Heating system (UFH). Installing an engineered wooden floor with an UFH system can be very beneficial and will ensure your...
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What to look for in wooden flooring

Nothing makes a house interior look better than wood flooring but what should you be looking for when picking or installing a wood floor? In this article we’ll briefly look at the key points. Firstly, nothing is more important than your own preference and personal choice. It is after all you who...
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Inside The World of Wood Flooring

When it comes to flooring materials to be used, whether in a commercial building or a residential structure, wood has been the hands down popular choice among flooring installers. Not only are these flooring materials known for the elegance that they bring to every room, they are also sought after...
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